2018 Santa Sleigh Routes

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Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you on one of our stops!

Sunday, December 9th
ARC / Old Folsom

Monday, December 10th
Wales. Folsom Heights / Natoma Station / Galardo

Tuesday, December 11th
Briggs Ranch / Willow Creek / Parkway

Wednesday, December 12th
Empire Ranch / Lexington Hills

Thursday, December 13th
Broadstone / Goldridge / Willow Springs

Rain Delay Dates

ARC / Old Folsom: December 14th

Wales. Folsom Heights / Natoma Station / Galardo: December 15th

Briggs Ranch / Willow Creek / Parkway: December 16th

Empire Ranch / Lexington Hills: December 17th

Broadstone / Goldridge / Willow Springs: December 18th