A Message of Unity from Your FPOA

**Originally Posted Monday, 01 June 2020

Dear Valued Citizens and Businesses of Folsom,

It goes without saying that we are experiencing turbulent times to say the least. The events that have been unfolding recently are the types of events that future generations will read about in history books.

We understand that some of you may be experiencing feelings of anger and fear. We also understand that there are probably few words that can be said right now to mitigate those feelings.

However, with that being said, please know that the actions of a few do not reflect the thoughts and feelings of the majority. As police officers, we took an oath on day one to be keepers of the peace, to serve our valued community with pride, and to protect you from those that wish to cause harm.

We know your trust in law enforcement is being put to the test right now. But despite everything that’s being said on the news and social media outlets, we will not let this discourage us from putting on our uniform every day and serving you, our brothers and sisters, to the best of our abilities. Regardless of the circumstances, we will always be here to protect you from evil.

Just as we have done time and time again, we will get through this. Together.